If you are considering applying for veterans benefits, you may have heard that there is a veterans disability claims backlog. Don’t let that stop you from applying for the care you need—if you need help with your application or if your claim has been denied, you may qualify for legal assistance.

Veterans Disability Claims Backlog Peaked in 2013

When it comes to applying for veterans benefits through the VA, the backlog is a major hurdle almost every applicant has experienced. In March 2013, this hurdle reached an all-time high when the backlog of claims reached of over 611,000. Since this peak in 2013, the VA has implemented new strategies such as paperless processing and overtime to better cut through the backlog and help veterans receive needed benefits. Currently, the veterans disability claims backlog holds VA has fewer than 75,000 applications. While this number may still seem high, the VA’s efforts to streamline the process are working. In February 2019, the VA launched a new appeals process that is already chipping away at the veterans disability claims backlog.

While this is a good sign, there are still some issues that hinder the VA when it comes to the benefits application process. The VA has vowed to tackle remaining issues on the behalf of veterans and build upon improvements that have already been made.

You May Qualify for VA-Accredited Legal Assistance

If your application’s stuck in the veterans disability claims backlog, talk to a VA-accredited lawyer about your case. In recent years, the VA awarded the maximum benefit amount to nearly half of all vets with legal representation. And for appealed cases, 82% of vets with lawyers prevailed against the VA in court!

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